my wish is to INSPIRE A REFLECTION on the concept of success, something ESSENTIAL FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO HAVE CONSCIOUSNESS ABOUT THEIR LIFE. Useful for personal life AND specific for engaging IN SOCIETY.

S uccess is a word of a thousand shades and a bit perverse”,the renowned artist Alberto García-Alix told me while swinging his leg, arms crossed and full of tattoos, surrounded by his motorcycles in the privacy of his home.

Truth seems to be irrelevant in this society, being compressed and confined into a few variables, with a tendency to reduce everything, even the concept of success, to a few uniform objectives.

In reality, we are complex beings who need to nourish ourselves with an infinite number of different values. And the fundamental aspects to consider are important. The documentary is concerned with presenting these aspects in an emotional, truthful and vivid way, to inspire an essential reflection for those who wish to be conscious of their life and choices in society.



As a journalist, I have lived on different continents. Observing the dynamics that are shaping the world in the new globalized, hyper-technological reality, I have felt a growing need to shift the perspective of reflection, of analysis, looking for a new line of research of an inverse nature. A Copernican shift from observations of global conjunctures to attention focused on what is close to us or even within ourselves.

Individual, personal experiences, as well as our relationships with society, with old age, with death, hold a remarkable importance beyond the dynamics of the productivist world. That is why it is useful and necessary to pause and observe them.

The impossibility of facing the long Braudelian wave that colonizes every corner of our existence. The lack of power theorized by Moisés Naím. The desertification and contraction of humanist faculties, highlighted by the former editor of the New York Times, Jill Abramson, during a meeting we had some years ago in Madrid, for example. Or the pandemic of depression, recounted by Harvard professor Nancy Etcoff. They are evidence that our society is changing rapidly and, perhaps, in an unpredictable direction. It is therefore necessary to reflect on issues that condition our lives, such as the concept of “success”.

Director, journalist, writer and digital artist


Kantfish is a multidisciplinary author who expresses himself through images, texts, videos and films. Director of documentaries, journalist published in the best media in Italy and Spain, writer of two essays on phenomena that marked revolutions, and digital artist with artworks represented in international galleries.

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As a director, screenwriter and producer, his audiovisual works such as the non-fiction short film ALMAmATER (2014), the documentary short film Nadie Como Atenas (2013), the official video of World Water Day, (2012 – FAO United Nations) or the video Far West Luanda Report (2010), have received dozens of awards at international festivals, including special Jury Prize and audience awards, among others. He also worked as a screenwriter on “Border Control Italia” (2022-23), a season entirely filmed in Italy for Dmax.tv Discovery Inc Media, Warner Bros. Discovery. Team of 3 Sillas – Croptv.

As a writer and photojournalist for 22 years, his reports have been published in text, photography and video in media in Spain, Italy, the United States and the UK, among others: L’Espresso, the magazine of Corriere della Sera (Italy); El País Semanal, XL Semanal, Rolling Stone (Spain); Guardian (UK); Foreign Policy (USA). His work has been distributed by the agencies AP, Contacto, Notimex and published by Lunwerg Editores of Grupo Planeta.

He is the author of the book “Il Giro d’Europa con 30€” which delves into the changing social systems of the low cost phenomenon and is published by the prestigious publishing house Feltrinelli. He is also the author of “CryptoJungla – El low cost llega a las Finanzas” (ed. More Than Real) and “Claves para adentrarse en la Cryptojungla” (ed. Ra-Ma).

He has participated in national TV and radio programs in Italy and Spain: TVE 24h La Economia, Rai Uno Unomattina, Rai Tre Cominciamo Bene, La 7 Effettodomino, Radio 24 Il Sole24Ore Salvadanaio, Cuore e Denari, RSI Swiss National Radio, RadioDueRai Farenheit, RNE5 Todonoticias, Radio Nacional de España, among others.

Law Degree from the University of Perugia, Italy. Member of the Italian Journalists Association (Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti). Master’s in Photography and Image Technique at EFTI, Madrid.


Nobody Like Athens

A day in Athens with Alexandra Aidini, the leading actress in "The Weeping Meadow" by director Theo Angelopoulos, helps us to live the incredible experience of a city that is changing amidst the blows of the crisis. Research by Emanuele Giusto. Selected in 7 international festivals. Finalist in the festival "Hai Visto Mai" by Luca Zingareti.


Based on real events. Fear emerges in the most unexpected situations. In childhood your dream world can drag you into a delirious abyss. Meanwhile, no one around you is aware of your suffering. Selected in 14 international festivals. Winner of an audience award.


Co-Director, screenwriter and producer of the film "El Dulce Sabor del Éxito".


Far West Luanda

Production of the video report "Far West Luanda" (2010), published in El País (Spain) and L'Espresso (Italy).



Director and producer of the Official Video of the "World Water Day, World Water Day", 2012. Production for the United Nations FAO (Food and Agriculture World Organization), registering record in visualizations.



Director and producer of official videos for FAO UnWater, Food and Agriculture World Organization of the United Nations, West Bengal and Tanzania projects. Selected in 5 international art festivals and projects related to the theme "water".



Realization of the Music VideoArt "Chaos" (2012), Ddgproject. Finalist in 3 international festivals.