Pack7 – I open the door and go down to the street.


It includes:

  • Two tickets for the Madrid premiere or two tickets for the online premiere
  • Video in advance with unpublished clips and excerpts from the documentary commented by the directors (prev. 2024)
  • A one-on-one session via Zoom for feedback and discussion with one of the directors
  • An exclusive designer T-shirt of your choice from the Store
  • Exclusive podcast of the directors about the film (single episode > 20min)
  • The original soundtrack in digital format, by Antonio Lo Riso
  • An exclusive e-book by the director Emanuele Giusto Kantfish on pre-sale (prev. 2024)
  • Exclusive digital art stills (Limited Edition)
  • Thanks in our social networks, if you want
  • Your name in the credits


  • PREMIERE: Two tickets for the premiere of the documentary “The Sweet Taste of Success”, either for its physical screening on November 15 at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid (where we will have a discussion and debate with the directors and some surprise after the screening) or for its online version, available on the Eventive platform worldwide very soon after its premiere in Madrid.
  • UNPUBLISHED VIDEO: Unreleased clips and parts of the interviews that made the final cut. Content of great value, which will be commented by the directors in a video made for the occasion. It is scheduled for March 2024. We will contact you at that time by e-mail for the delivery.
  • SESSION 1:1: Individual discussion with one or both directors via zoom. About the documentary, about filmmaking, about success, about production details… your chance to go further and receive a personalized session. Once the purchase is completed, we will contact you by mail to arrange the best date and time for the 45min session.
  • T-SHIRT: An exclusive T-shirt designed for the occasion by Kantfish. A T-shirt to wear, with an important message. Choose from the different models that you will see in the Store. Tell us your size and you will receive it directly at home!
  • PODCAST: A unique episode with directors Emanuele Giusto Kantfish and Carlos Tejeda, who will give us more details and juicy information about the subject, about the art of cinema and about the production of the documentary itself. You will receive the episode by e-mail in the days following its release on November 15.
  • ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK: The music of this documentary is original and composed by Antonio Lo Riso. Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email with everything you need to download (or stream online) all the fantastic pieces that accompany our protagonists in the documentary.
  • E-BOOK: A book written by Emanuele Giusto Kantfish (director, journalist and writer, author of three other books of journalistic essays) focused on the concept of success in our times. This book aims to provide sources of information (documentaries, books, articles, studies…) and points of reflection on this important topic. With this package you will receive the book in its digital format as soon as the pre-sale is available (expected in March 2024). We will always keep you informed of the dates by e-mail.
  • ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAMS: Images and stills from the film in digital format, limited edition, including Carlos Tejeda’s drawings. You will receive all the images and certificates (delivery expected by the end of November).
  • THANK YOU: We want to thank you! We’ll mention you on our Instagram and Facebook profiles… but only if you want. Please confirm this when placing your order.
  • CREDITS: We will include your name in the end credits of the film, if you wish. They will be visible as of 2024.



Additional information

Premiere in Madrid or online

Madrid, Online

T-shirt name

My Time, Yana, Approach, Graphic, Longevity

T-shirt type

Woman, Man

T-shirt size

S, M, L, XL